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Remote working, the new normal


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Covid-19 has accelerate the adoption of remote working as a pace that is unprecedented.
French President Emmanual Macron announced on October, 28 a new confinement, starting on October 29, 2020 with generalized teleworking everywhere it is possible

Yesterday, everything was around remote working. In this blog, I am telling you about true personal stories. First, I received a delivery from my on-line store. It is an investment to be a more effective worker (made thanks to e-commerce): new slippers (although the photo is not reflecting the model I choose). I was able to receive the delivery as I was teleworking (a positive advantage of remote work). Later, my neighbour (probably he will read those lines) rang the doorbell: his hard drive died and it was an issue for him a as he is a teleworker too. I then realized that my neighbour is now my co-worker. WeWork at home. I discovered that he is a game developer and his company is considering investing in more cloud capacities to ease the work of their remote warriors. Later same day, I was having a mid-year review with my accountant, using Teams. BTW, I am using Teams all day long for my current assignment as an interim manager. And at 8pm, the French president announced that a confinement V2 will start on October, 29th. Teleworking is highly encouraged and recommended.

The rise of teleworking

When your home is your office

Covid-19 is boosting teleworking at a level of magnitude that is impressive. Here are some consequences:

  • Visio-conferencing tools: Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet are now totally mainstream. WebEx has had 590 million of participants in September and will beat 600 million in October. They were (only) 324 million in March when the first confinement starts in France. Teams is now used by more than 115 million of active users per day. This is a huge increase, compared to the 75 million announced by Microsoft at the end of April, 2020.
  • Collaborative tools usage is rising: Slack does not regularly disclose Daily Average Users (DAUs). The last update that Slack provided was when they hit 12 million DAUs in September 2019. Some estimates turn around 100 million DAUs.
  • Cloud computing: as teleworkers are at home, the data and tools must be available from everywhere
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS): Citrix and VMware could see more Virtual Desktop Infrastructure projects and users now and in the future.
  • VPN: Companies will continue to reinforce Virtual Private Networks to support their workforce
  • Change of our ways of working: we should not talk anymore about home working but “work from anywhere” and some companies. As an example, Reddit will allow employees to work from anywhere going forward. This is becoming and will stay as an HR argument to retain and attract best talents.
  • Adaptation of management styles: managers have to adapt their style with less control based on team members’ presence and more result-oriented follow-up

Some tips to survive as a teleworker

Those are some tips I apply to myself:

  1. If not already done: invest in a good chair, a good desk, a good screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. Not to forget: good slippers.
  2. At home like if you were at the office, do some break during the work day. It is proven that productivity is higher when some small pauses are done regularly.
  3. Do some exercices, practice sports as it is possible, use elevators, go for a ride on a daily basis. Staying all day long at the desk is not a healthy practice.
  4. Eat well. I am taking some time to prepare lunch and diner.
  5. Have some non-business informal conversations with the colleagues using Teams, Zoom, WebEx or whatever the tool. We must replace the coffee machine chat. We need those human interactions like “what did you do last week-end?” or “what is the last Netflix serie you are whatching?” or “how are the kids?“.

Good luck to everyone! Stay safe!

I did a quick survey with in Italian squad: while teleworking, 6 were wearing splippers, 2 were wearing standard shoes and 2 no shoe at all. Slippers win!

Photo credit:
Slippers by reimoon0 from Pixabay 
Another slippers by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Reddit will allow employees to work from anywhere going forward

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