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New confinements are boosting click & collect adoption

e-commerce is now a must have


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Businesses of all sizes have to increase they online sales with people not being able anymore to go into physical stores.

In France and probably in other countries, the government is limiting the sales in shops to essential goods. A controversy has started on what is essential and what is not. Are books essential? I will not enter into this debate but, anyway, neighbourhood stores have all to react to the COVID situation, with now a new confinement being decided in most of the European countries and elsewhere in the world. Restaurants, florist and book stores are converting themselves to Click & Collect solutions to be able to survive and make some sales. But to get access to those consumers, you need an online presence and a way to do e-commerce.

Buy on-line, a reflex that will stay after the health crisis

The winner takes all.

At the same time, giant Amazon has announced a spectacular increase of 37% increase year-over-year of its sales, now hitting $96.1 billion, a record in the company’s history.

The reality is that SMB still have a too limited percentage of e-commerce presence.

A simple checklist

To do e-commerce (quickly), this is usually what is needed:

  • A e-commerce solution (eg. Shopify)
  • An online payment solution
  • A logistics and delivery partner (from classical UPS, DHL to Cubyn)
  • A presence in an existing marketplace

One must not forget that sales on smartphones will soon become dominant (Source FEVAD [1]).

Probably historians will study the COVID-19 moment has a enormous boost of e-commerce adoption by consumer and I hope by companies of all sizes.

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  1. Philippe André

    You can stay alone but also leverage community iniative inside your business sector. It is what is happening for bookstore in France. In Paris you have a network of bookstore putting in common resources to offert either in stock visibility, ordering system and so on with hundred thousands or millions of book references. Same where I live (a small village with a bookstore) with “librairies du Sud”.

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