I am
Serge Baccou

Serge Baccou

I am the founder and CEO of Alterest. This is my blog, dedicated to Digital Transformation. Graduated with a Master in Information Technology for Management and with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Network & Systems, I founded Alterest back in 1995. Since 2007, I am acting as an interim manager (check my article on whether interim managers are superheroes). I am based in Paris, France. 

 This blog will reflect my interests:

  • in Digital technologies: Artificial Inteligence, API, Cloud Computing and Network and Security
  • in Transformation journeys: Agile, Interim Management, Product Management and Program Managementto
Alterest is an independent consulting agency based in Paris. Its mission is to help large corporations and administrations in their digital transformations, in France and abroad. The company is reinventing consulting around two pilars: interim management and a network of top talents.

How to reach me?

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