Deadlines are dead!

Milestones have the unfortunate tendency to be written in stone. If you want to be agile, running a project full of hard dates may be counterproductive.

Digital News

Are GAFA monopolies?

Google is accused by the US Department of Justice and Amazon by the European Commission of protecting their monopolies. Apple and Facebook are also in questions. Let’s play the GAFA monopoly.

Click & Collect
Digital News

e-commerce is now a must have

Businesses of all sizes have to increase they online sales with people not being able anymore to go into physical stores.

A man gotta have a code
Digital Transformation

A code gotta have a code

Gangsters have code of ethics. Now that software and AI are replacing some human decisions, we need to reinforce ethics in our digital projects.

Interim Management

Are Interim Managers superheroes?

Interim managers are asked to solve a crisis, to implement a change in the organization or to manage a transition. Do they have superpowers?

the social dilemma
Digital News

Social networks: what is the problem?

Fake news and polarization of the society are some consequences of technologies social network are using as explained in the social dilemma, a Netflix documentary.

Tim Cook presenting 5G functionnaliy of the iPhone 12
Digital News

COVID-19 shook up iPhone 12 launch

The image is speaking for itself: Tim Cook in front of huge 5G characters in an empty auditorium due to COVID-19. The keynote was transformed into a 1-hour long TV-ad.